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If you use the internet you need to be aware of phishing (sounds like fishing). It is the practice by unscrupulous people on the internet to try to get your personal information so they can profit from it.

Sometimes you will get an email from a web site with which you do business. In this email you will be told that they need you to confirm your information. They will give you a link to go to their web site. However, if you place your mouse over the link you will see that it is going to a different web site.

If this happens to you, you need to alert your web service provider and let them know so they can go after these people. Whatever you do, do NOT give out any personal information to someone who has contacted you. If any legitimate web business needs to confirm your information they will tell you to log into your account on their web site. They will NOT provide a link.

I just had this happen to me with PayPal. We use PayPal to make it easy for people to order our Internal Control Manual. I received an email from PayPal. It looked just like a normal PayPal email with their logo. In the email they said I needed to confirm some information in my account and to click on the link below, which appeared to go to PayPal. However, the link did not actually go to PayPal. I wrote down the actual URL then reported it to PayPal’s fraud department.

Where ever there is a possibility for dishonest people to make a dollar off someone else’s credit they will find a way. When it gets to the point that phishing is no longer profitable for them they will find another way. Just like in the ‘real world’ of brick and mortar it is up to the consumer to protect their personal information.

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