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If you are not on the web yet, you need to be.  According to Discover Small Business Watch, 47% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to use a small business that has a Web site.  Despite the fact that so many customers put stock in a Web site, 45 percent of small businesses don’t have one.  If you are not on the web, you are invisible to these people!  Can you afford to be invisible to a large portion of the population?  The answer is NO, you can not!

Many retailers, especially smaller ones, do not think it is important to have a web presence.  They are wrong!  Like it or not, the world is tuned into electronic communication.  Many people do not even look at the phone book anymore.  (My husband is one of them.) They go directly to the web to find the information and merchandise they need.

Knowing that smaller independent retailers do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a web site, The Retail Management Advisors is now offering the development of a web site for retailers at a very reasonable fee of just $500 for a basic web site with up to 5 pages.  It does not include any Flash (animation) or a shopping cart for online selling.  It gives you a web presence and will help potential new customers find you! 

You provide the images and text you want included and we will put it all together for you.  We will also give you guidance and help to select a web-hosting provider, if desired.  (We use XO Communications and if you use them we will do the uploading of the web file and can help with any future web update or maintenance issues.)

If you have any further questions, call or send an email.


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