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USIS has deep roots in the retail industry and more than 85 years of experience helping retailers protect themselves from employee theft and fraud. Ten regional retail mutual associations created the USMA National Theft Database to serve as a national repository for theft and shoplifting data. The first steps toward sharing this type of data began in 1918 when Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Saks and Gimbel's began comparing notes on employees. Their goal was to keep from hiring employees terminated for stealing at other retail locations.

Today, the shoplifting and employee theft data of thousands of retail stores resides in the USMA National Theft Database used by members for employment screening. USIS offers a full complement of background screening reports that compliment the USMA National Theft Database and provide members with a single source for applicant screening.

In a strategic decision to help develop the Theft Database into a product created by the retail industry for the retail industry, USIS has entered into strategic agreements with several background screening companies, including First Advantage and Verifications, Inc., to offer additional retailers the opportunity to participate in the Theft Database.

The more retailers participate, the better it is for the retail industry. USIS wants to assist the retail community in making a better product. In addition to traditional background screening products, such as criminal and motor vehicle records, USIS offers this pure theft database option.

"We are very excited about our partnerships. The opportunity for us to work together is a tremendous benefit to both companies and our clients," said Jim Hall, vice president of USIS. "We believe that these agreements will provide the retail industry with a more in-depth, solid product to allow our customers more critical information when making hiring decisions. USIS is always looking for the chance to offer our retail clients more information and this collaboration is a huge benefit for both customer groups."

The agreement signed by our members includes a commitment to contribute incidents to the Theft Database. Members who contribute their incidents in a timely manner expect the same participation from other members. Ensuring increased participation in the Theft Database results in increased value for everyone. The same rules apply for retailers joining the Theft Database through First Advantage, Verifications, Inc. and others. Those members must also contribute incidents each month.

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