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$70,000 And Counting
The Importance of an Accurate Physical Inventory
Are You Getting an Adequate Initial Mark Up?
Are Your Profits Walking Out The Door?
Avoid Hiring Thieves
Back It Up!
Before Disaster Strikes
Being Best Is Better Than Being Big
Benefits of Buying Locally
Changing to a Better Calendar
Business Interruption Insurance
Ready For the Busy Holiday Season?
Cash Flow Is King
Cash Flow Problems
Changing the Perspective of Your System Provider
Charitable Giving
Open-To-Buy Client Feature
Compensating for Rising Freight Costs
Computer Issue Log
Computer Security Overview
Computer Security: PCI Compliance
Shopping For a Computer System?
Controlling Expenses
Counterfeit Currency
Credit Card Security
Cumulative Gross Margin
Death Cycle in Retailing
Destroy Invoice Copies
Disability Income Insurance
Dishonesty In the Retail Store Environment
Dishonesty In the Retail Store Environment-Integrity Testing
Do Not Ignore Small Business Saturday
Donating Excess Inventory and Getting a Tax Break
Don't Let Disaster Close Your Store
Eliminating Excess Inventory

E-mail Communication Profit or Loss?
Excess Inventory
Exit Strategy
Financial Statement Fractures
Freight Chargebacks
Generating More Sales
Getting Customers Into the Store

Getting Over the Hurdles
Getting Ready for Market
Gift Cards Are Profitable
A Good Bookkeeper Is Critical For Success
What to Expect From a Good Retail Software Package
Guide to Enforcing Your Policies
Have You Made Plans for the New Year?
Selling Staff Issues--Hiring the Right Employees
Hiring the Right Employees
Do Your Employees Know How Much They Really Make?
How To Be Porfitable During Both Good and Bad Times-Budgeting
How To Be Porfitable During Both Good and Bad Times-Cash Flow
How To Be Porfitable During Both Good and Bad Times-Gross Margin Plan
How To Be Porfitable During Both Good and Bad Times-Open-To-Buy
How To Be Porfitable During Both Good and Bad Times-Overview
Importance of the Owner
Initial Mark Up and Gross Margin
In a Cash Flow Crunch?
Increase Holiday Sales
Increasing Employee Performance or Motivating for a Higher Performance
Introduction to FACTA
IRS and Email Scams
Key Retail Ratios
Things to Learn From Your Marked Down Merchandise
Leased Departments
Maintaining / Increasing Initial Mark Up In Today's Competitive Market
Making A Plan
Making Policy
Markdown % Calculation
Merchandise Accounts Payable
Minimal Disaster Planning
Minimum Retail System Requirements
Leading a Winning Retail Organization
It's Not Too Late to Plan for Success
A New Look At An Old Friend
Open-To-Buy to Improve Your Business
Open-To-Buy For Higher Profits
Paperwork Really Is Important
Pay and Benefits Discussions Among Employees
Personnel Files
Planning For Your Future
Plans for a New Year
Policy and Procedure Manuals
Preparing for Disaster
Pricing Strategies
Procedure Manual
Professional Retailer
Property Liability Insurance
Protection of Records
Public Adjuster
Recycling the Computer
Retail Star Performer
Retailers' Calendar
Roadblocks To Success
Sales Staff Compensation
Sales Contests
Sales Staff Review
Setting Goals: Planning and Budgeting
Shopping Hurdles
Shrinkage Control
Small Business Saturday 2014
Small Business Saturday vs. Buy Local Campaigns
Small Business Saturday
Small Employers Health Insurance
Social Media and the Changing Face of Retail
Social Media vs. Web Site
Some Accounts Payable Controls
Star Performer
Stealing From Your Employer Is Acceptable When . . .
Stock Turn Rate
Store Policy and Social Media
Successful Retailer
Suggestions For Increasing Sales
Surprise! You Hired a Thief!
Will Your Store Survive the Recession
Ten Commandments of Firing
Terminating Employees
Are You Thriving or Just Barely Surviving?
Tips For Your Web Site
Top Ten Mistakes of Established Retailers
Unexpected Store Closing
USIS Theft Database
Value of Being an Independent Retailer
Vendor Relations
Watch Cash Flow
What Is Phishing?
Why Do Your Customers Shops At Your Store?
Why and How of Internal Controls


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