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Do you have procedures in place to protect your company’s records?  Think about what would happen if fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or flood destroyed your business.  Would you have the records needed to place a claim, and get your business running again?

Invoices, sales media and other valuable transaction documents should never be left out overnight unprotected in open baskets and boxes. These documents need to be treated with the utmost care and protection.  If these are destroyed in a fire or other catastrophe, you would be very hard pressed to prove your loss to the insurance company.  If you have a safe in the back of the store, unprocessed sales receipts and invoices should be kept there.  Once they are processed, they can be filed in a file drawer.  Until then they are extremely valuable documents, and should be protected.

Once data has been entered into the computer, the data file must be protected by making regular backups of the data.

Do you store your computer backup off site?  A backup will not do you any good if it is in a building that has just burned down to the ground.

Do you keep duplicate copies of critical records off site, preferably in a safe deposit box?

Do not delay.  Handle this now.

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