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Lonnie B, with a Western Wear store in Texas, had an excellent experience.  In one year, using our Open-To-Buy service, his sales increased by 7%, Gross Margin increased by 1.70 percentage points, Stock Turn increased by .24 turns and Net Profit increased by $20,634.  (If you would like to see the details, click here.)

“We could not do our buying without your (Open-To-Buy) services.  It is invaluable information on making and changing our sales plans.  The (review) letters you write are thorough and precise and targeted for our store and our style of buying.”  Emilie C., West Virginia (ladies shoes)

Jim H. with a Mens store in Iowa reduced his inventory by 26% ($185,787) the first year using our Open-To-Buy service.  His Stock Turn Rate went from 1.55 to 1.91.  At the same time, markdowns were reduced from 15.55% to 11.66%.

“I do really want to thank you for the help you provided me -- you probably singlehandedly saved the business.”  (In one year she reduced her inventory by 48%!!  She was grossly over-inventoried.)  Natalie W., Missouri (women’s contemporary)

“We have 25% less inventory this year, and we don’t miss it!”  David R., Texas (men’s apparel)

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