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This is the service we recommend to most retailers we work with as it lets us be proactive in contacting you if we see a problem or potential problem. With our Monthly Retainer, there is a one year initial commitment, as it takes that long for you to really see the benefits of the changes we recommend. After the first year, the retainer can be cancelled with just 30 days notice.

Our monthly retainer includes:
* Open-To-Buy Service
* Budget & Cash Flow prepared annually by month
* General Ledger and accounting help
* Setting up Incentives for staff, especially sales staff
* Help you develop a store policy manual or review the one you have
* Provide guidelines to help with Internal Controls to reduce shrinkage and fraud
* Monthly review of Financial Statements
* Monthly review of Inventory records
* Optional 1 day store visit (retailer pays all travel costs)

The benefits of working with TRMA on a retainer basis are:
Increased Profit
Reduced Investment in Inventory
Improved Gross Margin
Increased Sales

We help to remove the stress and anxiety you may be feeling about your business so having your own store is fun again and you are not kept awake at night worrying about your business.


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