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We sent out a survey at the end of April asking all the stores on our email list to tell us what they are doing now to generate more revenue, as to adding new services or new merchandise. Following are the comments of this survey. If you have not added any services or new classifications, I hope this will inspire you. You have to be creative in this economy.

Men's Stores: Add Tux Rentals - gives you up to 3 opportunities to sell to them when they come into the store to order, pick up, bring back. If they do not buy anything immediately, at least they will become more familiar with your store and what you have available. You may get them as a customer later. To help ensure they make a purchase now or come back later, you might consider giving them a coupon that is good for $25 off $50 or more purchase. LC

Men's & Women's Store: Leased some vacant space (separate store front) to a coffee, pastry shop

Men's & Women's Store: We already have added services in our store. We have work wear and formal wear in our store and we rent tuxes. We also have a lettering company in store too. We do embroidery, screen printing and engraving. The combination of all the stores helps a lot.

Women's Stores: Take in outside alterations if you have your own in-house staff. LC

Gift Stores: Personalization of gifts by engraving or embroidery. If you do not have the necessary equipment, find a local business to partner with. LC

Western Stores: Find a local boot repair shop you can partner with so customers can drop off their shoes for repair at your store - brings them into the store 2 times (2 opportunities to sell to them) LC

Shoe Stores: Find a local shoe repair shop you can partner with so customers can drop off their shoes for repair at your store - brings them into the store 2 times (2 opportunities to sell to them) LC 

Department Store: our business has been good

Shoe Stores: Vera Bradley handbag department

Shoe Stores: Recently, we had 2 shops close and I've expanded my inventory to include some clothing and gift items.

Men's Store: I was already doing tux rentals. This has been a bright spot for business because proms and weddings are still happening and people don't seem to be cutting back in this area unlike regular merchandise sales.

Men's & Women's Store: Not really, but we are trying to expand our tux rental business in men's, and we are absolutely growing our accessories business in women's.

Men's & Women's Store: We have purchased more reasonable priced merchandise for summer and early Fall and are looking for more year round items that we can reorder into all year around. Many of our customers are from Denver, Florida, Texas, California and do not need heavier winter items.

Men's Store: We have added some lady's clothing, purses and jewelry. The response has been positive so we will grow it slowly.

Men's & Women's Store: All ready do a great # of Tuxedo rentals. We are getting more aggressive on outside sales.

Sporting Goods Store: Added a paddle sport section, selling kayaks and all the accessories, since its part of the "outdoors" and is a compliment to the balance of the store...and a section of grilling accessories that is new.

Men's Store: [Added] womens

Men's & Women's Store: We offer a free "new-look" makeover to customers putting together a complete outfit. No purchase necessary, but they must sign up for our e-mail notices.

Men's & Women's Store: Off Duty Holsters

Men's & Women's Store: We actually have been renting tuxedos for about 30 years. It does bring in business when clothing sales slow down. We are trying to promote by giving the prom committees at the various schools a rebate for each tuxedo rented for their prom. It seems to help get extra business.

Men's Store: About 2 years ago we added about 300 sq ft of ladies. Just casual things jeans, tops and coats. It has turned into a great little side business for us 7% of our business.

Men's Store: We have added tux rental and in the first 3 months with little advertising we have done 9K in net profits. We have also started to take outside alterations and are charging a premium to do the work, 14K in the last 8 months. Remember we all have the best tailors for men’s alterations; it is ok to charge for the service too. They expect it.

Men & Boys Store: We use to start with boys size 8 and now have a summer line up of boys size 4-7. It's Quiksilver and a little expensive so not sure how that will go over. So far it hasn't.

Men's Store: I was given the opportunity to stock a small line of band instrument accessories and music books for the local grade/middle school students. I get a small commission, but will get some new faces thru my doors hoping that the extra traffic may garner another sale here and there.

Women's Store: specialized marketing

Western: "cheap" stuff .... $12.99 or 2 for $25.00 jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, sports shirts ,,, and $99.99 mens suits with free alterations .... a real crime but hey, we are in survival mode and breaking even this year is the goal!

Western: We are, however partnering with the Tourism and Conventions Bureau to do more to get events to our town and work with them to get the visitors in our store.

Gift Store: Trying to refine and balance our stock with new and old vendors.
We feel we are giving the most for the customer all ready. With our hours, service and the prices we have as marked. We feel what we have in the store meets what our customer are looking for in price and quality

We added Wedding Gowns to our Bridal Accessory store.

We added a women's trunk show line to our traditional men's store mix. NO inventory, just orders. Generated $40,000 in volume the first 2 shows. I expect that as it grows, it will contribute to our mens business as well.

We have added new lines, and have promoted our tuxedos better.

We are promoting our tailoring services and men's accessories, enhancing the later categories for freshness. In women's we are aggressively merchandising denim and related tops.