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Many times a vendor will include a copy of the invoice for you to use as a remittance advice. This can cause a problem if the duplicate is accidentally paid in addition to the original. We recommend that any invoice copies be destroyed upon receipt. Your software should catch duplicates but if you are using a system that does not check for duplicate invoice numbers or are writing manual/handwritten checks this kind of error can occur.  Duplicate payments to vendors are costly, both in time and money. If duplicate payments are made it involves a considerable amount of your employees time to phone or write to the vendor documenting the error. Many times the vendor is slow in returning this overpayment, which ties up your company's funds. To prevent this, destroy all invoice copies upon receipt. If the vendor sends a remittance copy to be sent with your check, this should also be destroyed. As long as the check mailed to the vendor has a check stub or voucher attached with a listing of all invoices paid the vendor should have no trouble crediting your account properly.

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