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Since 1975 we have provided affordable help for independent retailers selling apparel, gifts and sporting goods.  During that time we have worked with hundreds of retailers, helping them to not just survive but to thrive and achieve the success they wanted.

The majority of our clients have sales less than $1 million, though we have worked with larger retailers with sales up to $10 million and up to 5 stores.  Linda Carter's background was as a controller for a family apparel company based in Amarillo, Texas that had 5 stores and sales of $6 million.  During the time she was there she oversaw 2 different computer conversions and the expansion of the company from 3 to 5 stores.  She has been with TRMA since 1983 helping countless retailers be more successful.

In addition to our Open-To-Buy Service, we work with clients in 2 basic ways to help them:

Monthly Retainer

Project Basis


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