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We have worked with Linda Carter at the Retail Management Advisors on a retainer basis for over 20 years. Linda acts as our board of directors, watching our numbers ... comparing us with other retailer numbers ... providing suggestions where our margins are not keeping pace with others in the trade and letting us see where our numbers are compared to our own historical data.

We take the gloves off and go in the rink when necessary ... good thing she is in Texas and we are in Connecticut. I do go home and think about the battle and sometimes change course. It is a good interaction with someone that is intricately involved with the industry. We would recommend her services.

Scott Z., Connecticut


Thank you for the help you have provided me. I appreciate your help with the cash flow budget especially.

Charles M., Texas


I would comment on your availability. You have always been available and responsive to my questions and concerns.

Marcelyn H., Texas

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