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Increase Your Profit & Cash Flow While Controlling Expenses

Our budget service includes the following components:

1. Gross Margin Plan at the total annual planned sales level. This is planned at the class /category / department level and is used to see what the store's Gross Margin will be this year. This Gross Margin data is then used in the preparation of the Budgeted P&L (Cost of Goods Sold Section).

2. Budgeted Profit & Loss Statement for the year, on a monthly basis. This is where you plan the store's monthly sales goals and expense budget for each expense category you track in the General Ledger.

3. Projected Monthly Cash Flow, a by-product of the budgeting process, takes into consideration any principle payments on loans and any planned capital expenditures such as remodeling or the purchase of a new computer system. The Cash Flow Projection is very important to you and your banker. It lets you know in advance when you will need extra operating funds - and when you will be able to pay back any short-term operating loans.

The whole process only takes 1-2 weeks, depending on how quickly we receive your information. The cost is just $995. (Current Open-To-Buy clients receive a $200 discount on this fee so their cost is only $795.)

Linda Carter has over 35 years experience in retail management (both as a controller for a 5-store operation and as a management consultant for Gerald H. Smith & Associates and The Retail Management Advisors.

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