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Gerald H. Smith founded the company in 1975 and since then hundreds of retailers have benefited from the support and guidance of TRMA.

Linda Carter, PresidentLinda Carter, the current president and principal consultant, joined the company in 1983. Before joining the Retail Management Advisors, she was the controller for a 5-store family apparel chain selling better clothing. She has been consulting with retailers throughout the 50 states since 1983 and moderates several peer groups. TRMA'S peer groups are called SWAP (Share With A Peer) Groups. To fit the needs of our retailers, we offer semi-annual 1-day meetings.

We provide professional services to enhance the effectiveness of the owners and management of small to medium-sized, independently owned retail apparel, gift and sporting goods stores. Our clients are specialty retailers in the $300,000 to six million dollar revenue range, though some have been larger and a few smaller.

The services we provide supplement the time, knowledge and experience of the retailer's personnel to effectively accomplish high priority objectives. These may be short term needs or longer term needs which require ongoing consultation. This allows retail owners, management and their employees to be able to pursue the everyday on-going operational needs of the business.

The expected results and benefits of using our services are:

  • help to improve your income and bottom line.
  • remove the stress and anxiety you are feeling about your business and make retailing fun again.
  • reduce the risks inherent in investing personal resources in a business.
  • help make right decisions vs. those bad decisions that can be so devastating to the company.
  • improve the level of customer service and satisfaction.
  • help assure the success of an exciting but smooth running retail business.

Our services are sometimes called for at times of major negative events such as over-expansion, liquidity or profitability crisis, or internal system failure. However, many of those negative events can be avoided by the timely use of our assistance to help improve and maintain performance so the crisis does not occur (prevention vs. cure).

The rates for our services, including initial visit and retainer, will average less than larger consulting firms who normally specialize in work for larger retailers or provide open-to-buy service at very high rates. If you have a problem or concern about your business call our toll-free number to talk to Linda to see if we can help you. There is, of course, no charge for this call. We will ask you for some specific information concerning your company and the problems with which you want help and discuss some general solutions. Then, you can decide if you want TRMA to work with you on solving your problem. If we cannot help with your particular problem we may be able to refer you to someone else who can, so give us a call.

We are dedicated to helping the independent retailer survive and thrive.

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