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Gerald H. Smith founded the company in 1975 and since then hundreds of retailers have benefited from the support and guidance of TRMA.

We are dedicated to helping the independent retailer survive and thrive.


Linda Carter, President


Linda Carter is no longer accepting any new clients. 

After more than 40 years in the retail industry, I am ready to slow down a little - but not completely stop.  I am keeping the clients I now have but not accepting any new ones.  I have enjoyed working with and helping independent retailers over the years and hope the best for everyone with increasing sales and higher profits !

Our Open-To-Buy Service will continue with Karen Townsend handling that service.  See her bio below and contact her with your Open-To-Buy / Merchandise Control needs.

Also, Chris Nickas will now be the main consultant for The Retail Management Advisors, Inc.  Chris's background is with hardgoods, mainly electronics, furniture and appliances.  His bio will be on this page soon so come back later to check it out.



Karen Townsend Karen Townsend has an accounting degree from Abilene Christian University.  She joined The Retail Management Advisors, Inc. in 2005. Since that time, she has learned all aspects of Open-To-Buy and was put in charge of all Open-To-Buy duties for the company.  Since 2017 Karen has been in sole charge of the company's Open-To-Buy Service, providing excellent service to all our clients. 

At TRMA we believe there is no better tool for inventory purchasing than an Open-To-Buy. If you seek to increase Sales, Profit and decrease inventory costs, consider using our Open-To-Buy service. We do not require any long-term commitments and you will find our fees much less than those of other companies offering Open-To-Buy Service.  We want our independent retailers to succeed so we price our service low enough that any size store can afford it.  Just drop Karen an email with the number of stores and classes per store as well as planned annual sales for your United States store, and we will respond with a no-obligation quote for our services. We are here to help you increase profits!


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